Pak-Turk friendship in a new era

By: Hamza Ajmal Niazi

Pak-Turk friendship begins before Pakistan came into being and it will end at the Day of Judgment. Pakistani and Turkish Muslims are helping each other from decades either on economic forum or war.  Pakistan and Turkey plan to strengthen their close ties into a strategic economic partnership. Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Pakistan were established in 1947, soon after Pakistan came into being as the Muslim country on world map. Turkey has recognized Pakistan soon after its creation. Turkey supported Pakistan while becoming a member of United States. 

Recently Turkish president along with business men visited Pakistan for two days to strengthen the diplomatic relations. Different MOU’S including defense, economy , tourism and education have been signed among officials of the both nations. Turkey wishes an economically strong Pakistan is necessary for the long lasting peace in the region. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to take out Pakistan from (FATF) Financial action task force and helping to recover all Pakistan’s debts from IMF before 2022. 

To bring peace in south Asia, Turkish president also raise the voice for IOK he also said “Our Kashmiri brethren have suffered a lot and the situation has now become worse.” 

United Nations is not taking positive actions to rescue Muslims of Syria, IOK and Myanmar. Now it’s time for Muslim’s to reunite and make the Muslim United Nations, which will not work for the Muslim’s as well as the non-Muslim in the whole world. Like Qatar government, Pakistan and Turkish officials should boycott with OIC because they are doing nothing except protest in summit.

Concluding more! Turkey and Pakistan are keen to promote tourism among both countries and also thinking to exchange citizenship program. The immigration policy will be softening. It would be beneficial for the people of both countries specially investors, business man. 


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