We as a Nation-during COVID19 Epidemic

Ammad Abu Huraira

Everyone knows about the corona virus epidemic and the destruction that it has caused in the shape of taking more than 95 thousand human lives. Erupted from Wuhan, China in 2019, it was transmitted from bats to humans through a process known as zoonosis, viruses are usually said to be host specific but there are certain mutations that can affect their host specificity and it is estimated that the same thing has happened to novel COVID-19. In humans it causes respiratory infection and attacks the lungs very badly. In this difficult time of epidemic the whole world has responded to it differently depending upon the resources they have. Despite all the efforts it has spread all over the world with affecting almost near to 200 countries. It has caused more than 3 thousands deaths in China but according to the latest report there is not even a single new case reported in China yesterday it is because of the measures that were taken by the government of China and also because of the response of their people. Efforts of Chinese government and the way they have controlled that situation is really admirable but in Pakistan the situation has been totally different since the first identified case of COVID-19. Problem with Pakistan is that the drowning economy of Pakistan and Pakistani people not taking it seriously, it has been more than 10 days since the semi-lockdown kind of situation has been enforced by the Punjab government and complete lockdown in the Sindh but despite of all the efforts it is spreading at a rapid rate in Pakistan with total of 4,481 confirmed cases. China enforced a timely and complete lockdown and provided their people all necessary items at their doorstep as a result of which China is now said to be Corona free as there are no new cases. With this lockdown, time was the key and also the strong economy of China. But we see countries like America failing to control this epidemic because of the not timely taken actions. Now in Pakistan the biggest problem for the Pakistan government alongside the low economy is the lack of seriousness and awareness among the people of Pakistan. It is the time for Pakistani people to become a nation but so far we have not seen this yet as it was reported in Jinnah hospital of Lahore that a patient of COVID-19 escaped from the hospital, another incident reports that a servant working at the house of a brand’s owner was tested positive for COVID-19 but they sent him to his village in a public transport instead of reporting it to the government. Although action was taken against them by the local police and the brand’s owner was arrested. Not only this another incident reports that quarantined people in Faisalabad ask for wine, cocaine and food of their choice and scuffle with the staff for not providing this to them. Governments are not providing PPPs to the doctors and they are protesting against it, calling off themselves from the hospitals and stop working. All these immoral and inhumane actions are taking place in an Islamic country and are highly condemnable. A famous proverb is “GOD helps those who help themselves” but unfortunately practically we haven’t implemented it yet. I think in this difficult time it is very important for Pakistani people to stand united and respond positively to the policies of Pakistan government. They should adopt all the precautionary measures like staying at homes, maintaining social distance and washing hands etc. and government should also provide all the necessary goods to the public at their homes to keep them staying at homes and safe. Yes Pakistan doesn’t have a very strong economy thus self-care, self-help and individual efforts become very necessary and seems to be the only possible solution of the current epidemic problem.  

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