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*اُردُو شناسی* 90

*اُردُو میری زُبان، میری پہچان* *صَدَر* عربی میں صدر سِینہ یا چَھاتی کو کہتے ھیں، یہی اصل معنی ھیں، اںس کے علاوہ اعلیٰ مقام اور اُونچی جگہ کو بھی صدر کہا جاتا ھے۔ جسم میں سِینے کو خاص مقام حاصل ھے، اس لئے کہ جسم کے اندرونی خاص اعضاء یہاں دیگر مقام کی نسبت زیادہ ھوتے ھیں جن میں دِل، ... Read More »

Human Rights Day & the Indian Muslims

Written by: Habibullah Qamar It was on December 10, 1948, when the members of the UN General Assembly announced Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), now annually celebrated as the Human Rights Day. Consisting of 30 Articles, it was a kind of ‘foundational document’ of international human rights law. The UDHR tends to ensure all the key civil, political, economic, ... Read More »

Know Your Child Q&A

By Engr. Naveed Qamar Director ‘Foundation of Effective Education and Learning’ (FEEL) Motivational speaker. Conducts workshops on: Parenting Husband-Wife Relationship Time Management Strategic Vision Leadership Qualities   This will remain an ongoing discussion, further questions regarding the subject matter may be forwarded to our counsellor through mag.invite@gmail.com or WhatsApp 03124-INVITE   1) You wrote in your article that we should ... Read More »

The circle of life

By: Nabiha Shahram In the midst of noise in the circle of theatrical exercise at the university, some faces were puzzled, many were apprehensive not too sure how to let loose their bodies. When the theatre artist/trainer asked them to freely move arms and legs and do the Alexander technique, they stared back at me as if bodily freedom is ... Read More »

Cardiac Diseases and Their Prevention

By Dr. Nasir Hamdani MBBS, MCPS, PhD Scholar (Public Health)Department of Community Medicine, King Edward Medical University, Lahore Chief Coordinator Muslim Medical Mission, Pakistan Cardiac diseases have become an epidemic in Pakistan. At least 12 Pakistanis die every hour due to cardiac arrest while more than one third of all deaths in Pakistan are caused by cardiac diseases, making it ... Read More »

Pak-India Trade

By Sajjad Anwar Pakistan is bearing a heavy loss every year by allowing unrestricted trade Immediately after partition, bilateral trade between India and Pakistan was significant as both depended heavily on each other. There was a setback in 1949, when Pakistan decided not to devalue its currency, rendering the trade balance unfavorable for India. Moreover, as a result of the ... Read More »

Interfaith Dialogue and Harmony

By: M Rashid Tabassum In today’s era, the ratio of anxiety, hatred, and depression is being increased in various societies. The global crisis is badly affecting the world religiously, socially, politically and economically. In the same circumstances, the need for dialogue among different religions and cultures is being felt seriously. Each religion has some traditions which provide values in human ... Read More »

The Blackest Day – 6 Nov

By: M Rashid Tabassum The day of 6th November has great importance for Muslims of Jammu-Kashmir and Pakistan. The day is observed every year in the memorization of those Muslims who were martyred during migration to Pakistan. Seminars, conferences, and rallies are organized to pay rich tributes to martyrs of the Jammu massacre. On 6th of November, over 200,000 Muslims ... Read More »

Treason trial for Pakistani Journalist

By Maemuna Sadaf The international media has been observed over a past few days propagating the arrest of Cyril Almeida and court hearing against him. Before discussing regarding international media’s pressure on Pakistani media and government, one should know who Cyril Almeida is? He has been convicted for which reason. Cyril Almeida is a Pakistani Journalist well educated and serving ... Read More »