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Ramadan ul Mubarak – A spring season of virtues

Written by Muhammad Rashid Tabassum Ramadan is 9th month of Islamic Calendar. It is the best month in the year. It is the month of fasting which is the 4th pillar of Islam. Muslims observe fast during the whole month of Ramadan. It begins with the first night of Lunar Calendar. Ramadan is as like guest which comes once in ... Read More »

The ‘Idea’ and the ‘Meaning’ of Pakistan

By Mehmood Aslam Does it signify something special? Is it just another holiday for us to relax at our homes? Pakistan is an ideological state, created after perpetual efforts, sacrificing millions of lives by the Muslims of the subcontinent, who had lived under a prejudiced, repressive, hostile British Raj for nearly two centuries. In addition to a largely hostile Hindu ... Read More »

Know Your Child Q&A

By Engr. Naveed Qamar Director ‘Foundation of EffectiveEducation and Learning’ (FEEL) Motivational speaker. Conductsworkshops on: – Parenting – Husband-Wife Relationship – Time Management – Strategic Vision – Leadership Qualities My husband doesn’t like my children watching cartoons. I have to engage them somewhere while working in the kitchen, etc. I am disobeying my husband, which isn’t okay, I know. But ... Read More »

Know Your Child

Engineer Naveed Qamar Director Foundation of Effective Education and Learning (FEEL) Motivational speaker. Conducts workshops on Parenting Husband-Wife Relationships Time Management Strategic Vision Leadership Qualities Current Affairs Childhood experiences have a deep effect on an adult human being’s personality. Unfortunately, many parents don’t have the necessary guidance or training to deal properly with their children. A father doesn’t know exactly ... Read More »

Multi-Shades Nail Art Trends In Pakistan

You are never be fully dressed Without a Nail art By samia SAMAN   Nail art is one of the creative ways to paint and decorate your nails by using certain multi colors as well as with stones. This type of artwork is done on fingernails and toenails. Nowadays in almost every country, the trend of designing nail is very ... Read More »

Two-nation Theory – Pakistan’s base

Written by: M Rashid Tabassum Ideology is a complete set of standard beliefs, conscious and unconscious ideas of an individual, group or society. Pakistan is the country with foundations based on a theory called Two-nation theory or Pakistan’s ideology. After a long period of movement, Pakistan was got on such a principle that Muslims are a separate nation and their ... Read More »

Indian Atrocities in Kashmir under AFSPA

By: Maemuna Sadaf According to disturbed areas act which was approved in Indian special courts in 1976, special powers were given to army. This act was implemented to maintain Law and Order Situation in the areas where conflicts are continued and Government of India is facing problems. The act in which special powers are provided to armed forces is called ... Read More »

Empowering Women’s Pen: Young women writers forum

By: Maemuna Sadaf Writers are think tanks of any society. They pin down the flaws of society and give a thought to rectify them. They can create massive change in the society through creating a change in the mindset of masses. Readers of fiction can have lessons for the whole life time. On the other hand, writing fiction and poetry ... Read More »

Defense Day, Kashmir Struggle and Indian conspiracies

Written by Muhammad Rashid Defense Day is observed on 6th of September, all over the country. India attacked the Pakistan in darkness of night in this month, 51 years ago. Our army and nation both faced the enemy bravely. Later Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri raised this issue in UN for cease fire. India did not refrain from conspiracies ... Read More »