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Laylatul Qadr … Most blessed night

Written by M Rashid Tabassum Laylatul Qadr is the most blessed night of the year. The worship of this night is better than thousand months. It is the night of honour, dignity, peace and safety in which message of peace and security is sent down for whole world. There are 2 meanings of Qadr. One is fate (taqdeer). Allah says ... Read More »

I’tikaaf … A way to spirituality

Written by: M Rashid Tabassum One of the greatest worship in the Ramazan is I’tikaaf. It is an Arabic word which means to stay and at any place. Its general meaning is “keeping or continuing to do something.” In Shari’ah, it means to stay in the Masjid, as an act of worship, seeking to please Allah. Holy Prophet (SAW) used ... Read More »

Laylatul Qadr … Night of Honour and Dignity

Written by M Rashid Tabassum Laylatul Qadr is the blessed night in which Quran revealed. It is the night of honour and dignity which is better than thousand months. It is the night of peace and safety in which message of peace and security is sent down for whole world. Allah says in Quran: “Verily! We have sent it (this ... Read More »

Youm e Takbeer

Written by: Muhammad Rashid Tabassum The day of 28 May, Pakistan conducted five successful nuclear tests 18 years ago. Youm e Takbeer is celebrated on 28th of May in whole country. Pakistan became 1st in the Islamic world and 7th country in the world which has nuclear assets. Before it, America, China, Russia, Britain, France and India were bearer of ... Read More »

CPEC – The Game Changer

By Muhammad Khan When great powers are aligning themselves with the pleasant breeze of CPEC, one can see the few unfortunate ones standing against it.   CPEC has become a game changer because of its sheer scale and for becoming the doorway to one of the world’s largest economic trade routes of the modern era; it will serve as the ... Read More »

Ramadan ul Mubarak – A spring season of virtues

Written by Muhammad Rashid Tabassum Ramadan is 9th month of Islamic Calendar. It is the best month in the year. It is the month of fasting which is the 4th pillar of Islam. Muslims observe fast during the whole month of Ramadan. It begins with the first night of Lunar Calendar. Ramadan is as like guest which comes once in ... Read More »

The ‘Idea’ and the ‘Meaning’ of Pakistan

By Mehmood Aslam Does it signify something special? Is it just another holiday for us to relax at our homes? Pakistan is an ideological state, created after perpetual efforts, sacrificing millions of lives by the Muslims of the subcontinent, who had lived under a prejudiced, repressive, hostile British Raj for nearly two centuries. In addition to a largely hostile Hindu ... Read More »

Know Your Child Q&A

By Engr. Naveed Qamar Director ‘Foundation of EffectiveEducation and Learning’ (FEEL) Motivational speaker. Conductsworkshops on: – Parenting – Husband-Wife Relationship – Time Management – Strategic Vision – Leadership Qualities My husband doesn’t like my children watching cartoons. I have to engage them somewhere while working in the kitchen, etc. I am disobeying my husband, which isn’t okay, I know. But ... Read More »

Know Your Child

Engineer Naveed Qamar Director Foundation of Effective Education and Learning (FEEL) Motivational speaker. Conducts workshops on Parenting Husband-Wife Relationships Time Management Strategic Vision Leadership Qualities Current Affairs Childhood experiences have a deep effect on an adult human being’s personality. Unfortunately, many parents don’t have the necessary guidance or training to deal properly with their children. A father doesn’t know exactly ... Read More »

Multi-Shades Nail Art Trends In Pakistan

You are never be fully dressed Without a Nail art By samia SAMAN   Nail art is one of the creative ways to paint and decorate your nails by using certain multi colors as well as with stones. This type of artwork is done on fingernails and toenails. Nowadays in almost every country, the trend of designing nail is very ... Read More »