Defense Day, Kashmir Struggle and Indian conspiracies

Written by Muhammad Rashid Defense Day is observed on 6th of September, all over the country. India attacked the Pakistan in darkness of night in this month, 51 years ago. Our army and nation both faced the enemy bravely. Later Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri raised this issue in UN for cease fire. India did not refrain from conspiracies ... Read More »

Kashmir’s “Newton & Topper”

Written by Ilyas Hamid “People call him Newton. Hadyou named him Newton yourself?” A journalist asked the question to a Kashmiri old man about his son.“No we did not named him Newton, we call him Is’haaq (Isaac) that was his real name. People outside home his teachers’classfellows and friends call him Newton due to his sharpness and intellect. Old man ... Read More »

Kashmir —- Oldest Solvable Issue

Written by: M Rashid Tabassum Kashmir is the oldest disputed area on United Nation (UN) agenda. It is solvable issue since last seven decades. Kashmiri Muslims are victims of Indian aggression. Indian forces are tyrannizing Kashmiris. Kashmiris’ spirit of freedom cannot be suppressed despite of Indian army’s atrocities. Their freedom struggle has been shifted to 3rd generation. Pakistani flags can ... Read More »

Kashmir is slipping away from India

Written by:Ilyas Hamid The perception is considered usually that death of a human being stops all the activities and struggles that man had been performing in his life .With the end of life deeds come to an end. What an astonishing when people examine that scuffle of deceased person is not only enduring but also increasing accumulatively. Yes, it’s happening ... Read More »

UN’s Double Standard

Written by M Rashid Tabassum United Nations (UN) was established on 24th of October, 1945 after World War II (WW2). The purpose of UN is to save the future generations from the scourge of war and encouraging International peace and security. After WW2 different countries United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Soviet Union (Former USSR) and others arranged meetings and ... Read More »

Kashmir “Intifada”

Written by M Rashid Tabassum Indian forces are killing innocent and unarmed Kashmiri civilians since last 7 decades. They are treating cruelty on Kashmiris. Kashmiris are facing Indian aggression bravely. Now 3rd generations of Kashmiris are performing sacrifices. India cannot suppress their feelings of independence despite of oppression. In Kashmir, from toddlers to old ages, no one is safe from ... Read More »

Blind eyes and burning bodies: atrocities of Indian Army in Kashmir

By : Maemuna Sadaf Hashmi Freedom is the birthright of every human being. Since the independence of Indo-Pak subcontinent, Kashmiris are fighting to attain this right. The Kashmir dispute is the oldest unresolved international conflict in the world today. Pakistan considers Kashmir its core political dispute with India and so does the international communities, except India. From Indian officials, it ... Read More »

BRICS summit and Kashmir Issue

By: Maemuna Sadaf The eighth BRICS Summit was held from 15 to 16 October in Taj Exotica Hotel in Benaulim , Goa , India. The heads of five nations Brazil, Russia, India , China and South Africa accumulated to consult on various issues including exchange and present situation of the landmass. The primary exchange reasonable after by the BRICS film ... Read More »

UN and Kashmir issue

By: Maemuna Sadaf   UN Day is observed in whole world on 24th of October. On the same day, United Nations Organization was formed in 1945 when representatives of 51 nations signed on a treaty. The name “United Nations Organization” was chosen at the suggestion of US President Franklin Roosevelt. It was named United Nations (UN). The purpose of observe ... Read More »