We as a Nation-during COVID19 Epidemic

Written by: Ammad Abu Haraira  Everyone knows about the coronavirus epidemic and the destruction that it has caused in the shape of taking more than 1 lac human lives. It was first identified in 2019 in Wuhan, China. It is said that it was transmitted from bats to humans through a process known as zoonosis, viruses are usually said ... Read More »

COVID-19 effects in Pakistan

Written by: Hamza Ajmal Niazi While the world is facing COVID-19, Pakistan is also affected by this virus. To control this pandemic almost every country is under health emergency and lockdown. On 26 February, Zafar Mirza the PM’s Special Assistant on Health officially confirmed, first two cases of the coronavirus. Both cases were taken care of according to clinical standard protocols ... Read More »

Pak-Turk friendship in a new era

By: Hamza Ajmal Niazi Pak-Turk friendship begins before Pakistan came into being and it will end at the Day of Judgment. Pakistani and Turkish Muslims are helping each other from decades either on economic forum or war.  Pakistan and Turkey plan to strengthen their close ties into a strategic economic partnership. Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Pakistan were established in ... Read More »

Political instability threat to CPEC

By: Inshal Rao Outwardly Pakistan facing serious political instability & ruling party has faced serious political setbacks since October, recent developments taken place one after one indicating that troubles are brewing for the ruling party. Opposition parties expressed huge gain as Chief Justice of Pakistan suspended the notification of COAS’s extention & issues notice to Gov’t & Army Chief as ... Read More »

Indian Occupied Kashmir and chapter VII of UNO

By: Maemuna Sadaf Since August 2019 India has revoked Article 370, reversing special position to Kashmir which was provided in Indian Law. After revoking of this law, India has imposed Curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). There is completely shut in the whole valley. There is an acute shortage of food, medicine in the Area. India has not allowed any ... Read More »

Jinnah and His Pakistan

By Waqas Abdullah Ali Jinnah founded Pakistan as an Islamic ideological state that based its existence on the two-nation theory   According to the Oxford dictionary, an ideology is “a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy”. The people and the elements that make up an ideological theory strive ... Read More »

Pak-India Trade

By Sajjad Anwar Pakistan is bearing a heavy loss every year by allowing unrestricted trade Immediately after partition, bilateral trade between India and Pakistan was significant as both depended heavily on each other. There was a setback in 1949, when Pakistan decided not to devalue its currency, rendering the trade balance unfavorable for India. Moreover, as a result of the ... Read More »

Treason trial for Pakistani Journalist

By Maemuna Sadaf The international media has been observed over a past few days propagating the arrest of Cyril Almeida and court hearing against him. Before discussing regarding international media’s pressure on Pakistani media and government, one should know who Cyril Almeida is? He has been convicted for which reason. Cyril Almeida is a Pakistani Journalist well educated and serving ... Read More »

Youm e Takbeer

Written by: Muhammad Rashid Tabassum The day of 28 May, Pakistan conducted five successful nuclear tests 18 years ago. Youm e Takbeer is celebrated on 28th of May in whole country. Pakistan became 1st in the Islamic world and 7th country in the world which has nuclear assets. Before it, America, China, Russia, Britain, France and India were bearer of ... Read More »

The ‘Idea’ and the ‘Meaning’ of Pakistan

By Mehmood Aslam Does it signify something special? Is it just another holiday for us to relax at our homes? Pakistan is an ideological state, created after perpetual efforts, sacrificing millions of lives by the Muslims of the subcontinent, who had lived under a prejudiced, repressive, hostile British Raj for nearly two centuries. In addition to a largely hostile Hindu ... Read More »