Kashmir “Intifada”

Written by M Rashid Tabassum

Indian forces are killing innocent and unarmed Kashmiri civilians since last 7 decades. They are treating cruelty on Kashmiris. Kashmiris are facing Indian aggression bravely. Now 3rd generations of Kashmiris are performing sacrifices. India cannot suppress their feelings of independence despite of oppression. In Kashmir, from toddlers to old ages, no one is safe from Indian tyranny. Kashmiris are still waving Pakistani flags in their protests in spite of Indian forces oppression. They bury their dead bodies in Pakistani flag. They continued their freedom movement in the worst condition of curfew. Every Kashmiri wants freedom from India. They are staging rallies and organizing protests daily. Kashmiris women also take protest on specific day of the week.

Indian troops have martyred and arrested thousands of Kashmiris during last 27 years. 94,548 Kashmiris have been martyred by Indian forces, in which 7,073 are martyred in fake encounter or custody. 137,469 innocent Kashmiris have been arrested, women widowed are 22,826 and 107,586 children are orphans. Indian forces have destroyed 107, 043 structures including buildings, houses, shops and markets.

Ongoing freedom movement started from first decade of July 2016 when Indian army martyred young Kashmiri Burhan Wani on the third day of Eid ul Fitr. Burhan Wani has no links with freedom movement. He only shared the pictures and videos of Kashmir through social media and due to these activities he was popular among Kashmiri people. Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif termed Burhan Wani as young the young leader murdered by Indian forces, has emerged as the symbol of the latest Kashmiri Intifada, a popular and peaceful freedom movement.

Indian forces martyred more than 110 Kashmiris since 9th of July, 2016. 6 women are also martyred. 80 percent of the martyred are youngsters below the age of 30. Police registered only 7 cases. 15000 Kashmiris are injured in which over 4500 injured with the use of palette guns. Whereas over 1000 have lost both or single eye-sight. Indian forces arrested approximately over 8000 Kashmiris under illegal detention including 500 under the Public Safety Act, 1978. Children are also arrested by forces.

During 100 days, the authorities imposed curfew in whole valley. Mobile Internet services continued to remain suspended across the whole Valley. There is a ban on media during these days. The leading English daily Kashmir Reader was banned since 2nd of October, 2016 by authorities. The state government also ordered printing presses to stop publication of the newspaper. Photographers were beaten by Indian army while capturing pictures of palette guns victims. Security agencies and forces attacked on ambulances, medical aid workers and hospitals. India also banned at religious events. Kashmiris were not allowed to offer consecutive prayers in Masjid. In historical Jamia Masjid Srinagar, Friday prayer could not be offered since last 14 weeks. Kashmiris offered Eid prayer on roads.

Concluding more, Kashmir is a disputed area and it is the right of Kashmiris to take decision whether Kashmir will part of Pakistan and India. UN also gave this right to Kashmiris but unfortunately UN did not implement its own resolutions till now. Now, sacrifices of Kashmiris awake the fair world. Voice of Kashmir issue is being raised everywhere and every forum of world. Kashmir is the issue of life and death for Pakistan. All rivers of Pakistan come from Kashmir. India is capturing water of Pakistan and making dams on those rivers which water is the right of Pakistan according to water treaty. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has raised the Kashmir issue on many forums since last many months. He has taken many appreciable steps. Now, it’s his duty to take practically steps for release of Kashmir.



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