Traditions of Marriage in different Religions

Written By: Muhammad Rashid Tabassum

Word family can be defined as “a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit.” Mutual link between male and female is most important for expansion of family. Marriages are done in every society to establish this link. This link is inevitable for continuance of humankind. The concept of marriage is antiquated as the birth of first human. The marriage is most important matter is growing in human culture.

Everyone is aware from importance of family. Family started from Hazrat Adam (A.S) and Hazrat Hawa (A.S). Family exists in every community, society, religion and country. Family begins with marriage. Marriage is valid and legal source of relationship in every civilized society.

Every religion, society and community has different laws and traditions of marriage. Every person feels troubles upon traditions. Actually, human creates trouble for himself, after making marriage procedure became more tough. Traditions of marriage have been changing from old age to modern age.

Before Islam, man got marriage in Grecian Society which he wanted. Marriage was permissible with sister and daughter. As well as illegal relations was also considerable. In Roman culture, wife has no rights. Her duty is only service of her husband. Marriage was only a contract. Moreover, in Iranian society, family system has been collapsed. Adultery is common in whole society. Every male can marry according to his income. Poor person had to suffice only one woman. All wives have no equal rights. Marriage was religious duty with mother, sister, daughter and other blood relations. Furthermore, Egyptian culture was so old. They have no value of relations. Traditions of marriage were also outmoded in Indian culture. Caste system is common. Marriage was allowed in only in caste. Even, female was married with statue, snake, dog, making portrait. There were only 2 ways for Hindu women after dying her husband. One way is to immolate herself on her husband’s funeral pyre. Second way is live as widow. Widow has no permission of second marriage. She wears just one dress in her whole life. The situation of Arab society was not much different with other civilizations and societies.

Traditions of different religions:

In Hinduism, mostly traditions of marriage are unnatural and unsuitable in Hinduism, like a woman can marry to many men. As well as Sati custom is also condemnable. The marriage of minor is common in Hindu society. The witness of marriage is made fire. There is no concept of dower.

Judaism is an inspired religion but its followers negate and changed the teachings of Allah. The job of woman is only to service of man and gave birth to children. Jews divorced the Jewish woman at any small mistake. Jewish woman could only marry with husband’s brother after his death. Jews could marry as many times he wanted. Minimum ten adult must present in wedding ceremony. New couple takes fasting. After marriage, new couple attempt good fasting together. There is no concept of marriage without contract. Jewish woman can marry only one time.

Christianity is also an inspired religion but the concept of woman is obscure. The marriage is not compulsory in Christianity but constraint. Age of marriage is fixed in almost all Christian countries. Their father and nun of church do not take marriage. Anyone can marry without the permission of parents. The companion of bridegroom also exists in Christianity. Dower is given to bachelor women only. According to bible, there is no right of woman at dower money. If any Christian man rapes to bachelor girl, after this would become that girl wife and the man cannot divorce her.

Islam is the only religion which has complete code of life. Family system in Islam is complete, comprehensive and clean from any mistake. Islam gave feasible concept of marriage and spends happy life after marriage. Islam denoted marriage compulsory as unit of human life. Marriage is cause of reproduction and also cleanliness society from sin. Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “O you young men! Whoever is able to marry should marry, for that will help him to lower his gaze and guard his modesty.” Islam does fixed rule and regulation for marriage. The pubertal age is different in every region and country. Islam gives importance to permission of parents and both parties. Dower (Mahr) is compulsory in Islam. Islam also gives right of second marriage to woman after divorce or dying of her husband. A man can marry with 4 women at time whenever if he gave equal rights to each otherwise not. Islam takes stress on rights.

We can be concluded: We have studied all the traditions of marriage in all religions and cultures but Islam teaches equation in every issue. Islam is the great defender of human rights.

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