“Some see a weed some see a wish…” — Unknown Author

By: Maemuna Sadaf

Focus on the Wish, Not the Weed

by Becky Vollmer

I don’t put a ton of energy choosing not to move on — generally on the grounds that, regardless and particularly as I age, I overlook things the moment they’ve passed. Be that as it may, a few minutes stay with me, particularly the ones I’m not glad for.

I could live with those minutes on the off chance that they occurred in a vacuum and there was just my self-dissatisfaction to fight with. Be that as it may, the cost is higher when others are viewing, and we see the stain our activities and words can leave on them.

One of my unproudest minutes came to fruition a year back, when my most established was in kindergarten. Every morning on the stroll to class, the spring dandelions called to her, simply asking to be picked. They’d generally called her, from the time she could walk. We’d go to a recreation center and she’d wander over to the blossoms, culling them one by one until the point that she had a fistful — thus satisfied with herself as she conveyed a bunch as radiant as she might have been.

That kindergarten morning, as she halted for what felt like the millionth time to pick yet another dandelion, my anxiety outwitted me. “You realize that dandelions are simply weeds, don’t you?” I mumbled. I felt a speedy string of disappointment and wished I could pull the words back in, yet she didn’t appear to have much response. I wasn’t in reality beyond any doubt she even heard me as she picked a few more. Fulfilled, we at last strolled on to class, kissed farewell as usual, and I didn’t ponder the experience once more.

As of not long ago.

A bright day discovered our group of four out for a walk. In a motion intelligent of my aim to set aside plan and let my young ladies and their sweet, wandering interest lead the way, I picked a dandelion and offered it to my young lady.

“Nah. You can offer it to her,” she stated, indicating her younger sibling. “I don’t need a weed.”

Gut punch. I needed to backpedal to that kindergarten morning for a do-over. I understood those thoughtless words had severed a bit of her enchantment and denied her of some of her guiltlessness. My words. I had fizzled her.

It wasn’t simply the first occasion when I’d baffled as a mother, and I’m certain it won’t be the last. As much as I wish else, I can’t unsay it any more than I could influence the earth to turn in reverse. What’s done will be finished.


However, I am perpetually more mindful of the energy of my words, that it takes just a solitary drop of a voice of impact to splash the start of creative ability.

Fortunately a similar measure of support can light a lifetime of interest, inquiry and development. Encouraging feedback can progress toward becoming foundation for certainty. Persistence for investigation can some time or another bloom into a directing, wayfinding enthusiasm.

On the off chance that I got the opportunity to re-compose that scene, I’d get a kick out of the chance to think I’d begin by working in more opportunity to give that young lady a chance to pick dandelions to her heart’s substance. What’s more, I’d acknowledge each offering with the benevolence it merited, saying, “My, what a dazzling blossom, nearly as excellent as you seem to be. How about we wish on it together.”

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