What should I do

What should I do,
I smile I do not weep,
I have a wall before my eyes,
With BOLD n Black headings,
A pile of breaking news,
Going to fail in drawing attention,
Of wild human beings,
Taste of vision of blood,
Serial of explosions,
Trails of killings,
An essential part of,
Breakfast and dinners,
Like an interesting soap,
Increasing appetite,
To have more in styles,
Victims dead bodies,
Are just extra characters,
Of these short viral clips,
We are viewers with rights,
To demand improved quality,
Till a moment destined,
Without any doubts,
We are to perform this role,
Soon discrimination,
Will be shunned overall,
Killers directors of these,
Clips will become actor
To undergo heat of fire,
Discharged by an exploded body,
Castles luxury bungalows,
Will become ashes of debris ,
Few those void of greed,
Will accompany the real peace,
With real promised Man.

By Muhammad Mushtaq Khan.


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