Kashmir is slipping away from India

Written by:Ilyas Hamid

The perception is considered usually that death of a human being stops all the activities and struggles that man had been performing in his life .With the end of life deeds come to an end. What an astonishing when people examine that scuffle of deceased person is not only enduring but also increasing accumulatively. Yes, it’s happening likewise after the martyrdom of iconic, dashing, dazzling and dynamic Burhan Wani. A year has completed to his martyrdom. He has set up a unique and exclusive example in freedom struggle of Kashmir by sacrificing his life and blood in the great cause. After the completion of a year, wave of hate against India has increased massively. Kashmiri youth is on the road against Indian occupation, Students of schools, colleges and universities demonstrating by picking stones in his hands. Expressing resentment and hatred by pelting stones at the Indian forces. Portraying his intensive relation and commitment for Pakistan by chanting pro-Pakistani slogans. Fluttering Green Pakistani Flag amongst the rain of bullets, teargas shells and bombardment, if he dies during this struggle then would be buried in the green flag.

Burhan’s martyrdom set upon so enthusiastic soul in the heart of Kashmiri. Such kind of intensive react against occupied forces had not been observed by Kashmiris. Now it has become a phenomena in freedom struggle. Young generation of Kashmir on the roads against Indian atrocities.Students of academic institutes can be seen picking stones in their hands. Even female student carrying school bags, pelting stone at the Indian forces. This act is most dreadful for Indian forces and officials.

In this situation Indian High profile officials and army officers have expressed their concerns. As Greater Kashmir reported: “Replying to reporters’ queries after unveiling statue of a slain soldier at Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (JAKLI) Regimental Centre at Rangreth here, the General Officer Commanding (GoC) of Srinagar-based 15 Corps, Lt General SubrataSaha, said there were reports that many educated youth were joining militancy. “If educated youth are joining militancy, it is more disturbing. It is certainly a cause of concern for us.”

Burhan Wani’s martyrdom set out a trend for educated young Kashmiri generation. Wani’s holy death gave them inspiration to struggle for their mother land. Kashmiri school toper and brilliant guys are preferring to join freedom fighters rather than adopt any profession in the life. This is a major and real concern for Indian officials. After the Burhan Wani’s sacrifice thousands of Kashmiris have joined freedom movement. They are now in the battle field and fighting for their basic right.The martyrdom of Wani, who was the face of the freedom struggle to a new generation, completely changed the dynamics of the uprising previous era.

The atrocities and barbarism of the Indian forces, great number of people in protests, extensive demonstrations, and the troubles imposed by long curfews, brought a more planned and systemized struggle to the front.Pro-Pakistan and anti-India jingles are on the lips of every Kashmiri while chanting slogans of freedom for Kashmir.

It is time to stand up along with Kashmiri brothers and sisters as whole nation. Our Kashmir committee has negligent role which is disappointing the Pakistani nation. Government of Pakistan should play a vital and impressive role around the world. Indian inhuman character and brutality should vibrantly to be expose. The voice of every Kashmiri child, woman, man and old person must be conveyed by using our every channel. Kashmir issue should be first priority of our foreign policy.  .

India must remember that passion brings strength and Kashmir will keep on giving birth to more Wani, Burhan and Abu Qasim.Because Martyrdom is oxygen of freedom struggle, you can’t stop the destination of freedom.


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