UNSC team to visit Pakistan

By: Maemuna Sadaf

The United Nations (UN) Security Council’s sanctions monitoring team has visited Islamabad for two days dated 25th and 26thof January 2018. Main reason behind this visit is to inspect the organizations which have been sanctioned earlier. The visit is taking place amid increasing pressure on Pakistan from the US and India with an adequate implementation of sanctions on Hafiz Saeed and entities linked to him. The said visit amid to call from Washington to arrest India’s most wanted cleric. The hot topic of United States (US) and India’s propaganda is Hafiz Saeed and organizations led under him, Jamaat ud Dawa (JuD) and Falah e Insaniat Foundation (FIF).

According to UN website, the said committee is mandated to oversee the implementation of sanctions measures, designate individuals and activities who meet to listing criteria set out in relevant resolutions. Consider and decide upon notifications and requests for exemptions from sanctions.On the other hand, Pakistan will not give free access to investigate any of its organization or citizen pros an evidence.

In 2008, Hafiz Saeed and JuD were put under monitory sanctions by UN. The said sanctions were implemented a month after Mumbai attacks and after attack in Uri Sector (Jammu and Kashmir). Hafiz Saeed is supporting Kashmir Cause across the country and he is a hero in the eyes of public from Kashmir and Pakistan.  In his interviews and public gatherings, he said, “I fight the case of Kashmiris. I was detained only to stop my voice for Kashmir”. India has leveled baseless allegations against him. He further said “He was detained on the pressure of US on Pakistan Government and US pressurize Pakistan on the request of India.

Pakistan is in the view that it needs solid evidence against Hafiz Saeed in order to arrest him. He is Pakistani National and has been released by Supreme Court on unavailability of evidence. On the other hand, US has warned Pakistan to prosecute Hafiz Saeed to “Fullest Extent of Law”. Earlier Pakistan has acted against Hafiz Saeed led JuD and FIF. Hafiz Saeed was also house arrested many times but no evidence against him was proved. He has been freed later by High Courts and Supreme Court.

Prime Minister (PM) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, during US defense sectary James Mattis’s visit to Pakistan, said that if India has any solid proof against Hafiz Saeed, it should pursue the case internationally. There are no proofs but accusations only. Clarifying the country’s stance,he further said “There is no room for them (US and Afghanistan) to take tough stance here, because Pakistan has been on the front lines of war on terror. The action against Hafiz Saeed or any other will be taken on solid basis, neither on any ones request not on US pressure.

Writing more, world should not accept Hafiz Saeed as terrorist. He has been proved an above suspicion even after trail. As far as Hafiz Saeed is concerned, India and US are unable to provide any concrete proofs of terrorism within the country or outside the country. Due to this reason, he cannot be prosecuted or arrested. India is continuously doing propaganda against Pakistan and Hafiz Saeed.  Question raises here that no UN mission has visited Kashmir even after they have proofs of atrocities and Human Rights violations. UN’s visit to Kashmir is mandatory according to resolutions passed in 1949. As well as, UN has not intervened in the issue of Palestine and Myanmar but they are too much concerned to get access to a Pakistani Organization.

Talking in broader prospective, Indian convicted spy Kalbushan Yadav’s case has been appealed in International Court of Law. He was saved from punishment for being non citizen of Pakistan. India is not willing to plead the case of Mumbai attacks in International Court, due to lack of evidence. It clearly shows India’s efforts to isolate Pakistan by using negative diplomacy.


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