Kashmir —- Oldest Solvable Issue

Written by: M Rashid Tabassum

Kashmir is the oldest disputed area on United Nation (UN) agenda. It is solvable issue since last seven decades. Kashmiri Muslims are victims of Indian aggression. Indian forces are tyrannizing Kashmiris. Kashmiris’ spirit of freedom cannot be suppressed despite of Indian army’s atrocities. Their freedom struggle has been shifted to 3rd generation. Pakistani flags can be seen in every protest in Kashmir, which shows their love and connectivity with Pakistan. They celebrate their events with Pakistan. As well as, they observe Indian national days as black days.  They bury their dead bodies in Pakistani flag. Their freedom movement is continued in every situation. They protest against Indian occupation. But no one in the world is hearing their voice.

Indian troops have martyred and arrested thousands of Kashmiris during last 28 years. According to Kashmir Media Service, 94,548 Kashmiris have been martyred by Indian forces, in which 7,073 are martyred in fake encounter or custody. 143,185 innocent Kashmiris have been arrested by Indian army. Number of women widows are 22,864whereas 107,686 children are orphans. Indian forces have destroyed 108, 658 structures among buildings, houses, shops and markets. Ongoing freedom struggle started from 8th of July, 2016. Till now, approximately 21 thousand Kashmiris have been injured. More than 8,000 Kashmir were injured by use of palette guns. Eyes of over 1260 Kashmiris have been damaged. Schools were also set on fire by occupation forces.

In 1947, the majority in Kashmir was Muslims that wanted to be a part of Pakistan.On 26 October 1947, Maharaja Hari Singh (Ruler of Kashmir), as India claims, signed the controversial Instrument of Accession to join India. After that, Indian army has beenin Kashmir. Founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah asked the British Acting Commander-in-Chief General Graceyto enter army in Kashmir but he refused to do so. Mujahideen(Tribal Warriors) entered into Kashmir, defeated Indian army and reached near Srinagar. Seeing his army’s defeat, Indian Prime Minister JawaharlalNehru took the Kashmir issue to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in January 1948. On January 1, 1949, both countries took ceasefire after UN intervention. UNSC Resolution 47 passed on 21st of April 1948 states “The question of the accession of the State of Jammu and Kashmir to India or Pakistan will be decided through a free and impartial plebiscite.” In 1953, the both countries’ governments agreed to appoint a Plebiscite Administrator by the end of April 1954.India is resisting plebiscite efforts till now.

The following freedom struggle began after 20th of January 1989, when Indian army killed 100 unarmed Kashmiri protestors at Gawakadal Bridge. Kashmiri youth started arms struggle to get their right of self-determination. At the end of February 1989, approximately 400,000 Kashmiris marched in Srinagar and demanded the plebiscite. Meanwhile, Mass graves have been found in Kashmir valley. Where thousands of Kashmiris have been dumped into unmarked graves. As well as, thousands of Kashmiris have been forcibly disappeared by Indian forces since 1989. Severe crackdown are being carried out 18 to 20 hours in a day. Kashmiri traders have suffered millions of loss due to curfew.

Raising more, International institutions including UN are playing role of silent spectator. UN has passed many resolutions in favor of Kashmiris, but none of the resolution could not be implemented or could not constrain India to give Kashmiris, their right of self-determination. India is disgracing UN resolutions fearlessly. Indeed, UN role over Muslims’ issues especially Kashmir and Palestine has been exposed badly.  UN role about Muslim issues can be termed as negative and condemnable.

Concluding more, Kashmir freedom movement is at peak now a day. Kashmiris have paid their duty. Their sacrifices have proved that they understand themselves as part of Pakistan.  Now, it’s Pakistani rulers and nation duty to support Kashmiris. Government of Pakistan should avoid to take such steps that would harmful for Kashmir’s freedom movement.May Allah help Kashmiris and succeed them in their struggle (Aameen).

Note: The writer is freelanced columnist based in Lahore

Email: rashid.vu@gmail.com


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