Kashmir’s “Newton & Topper”

Written by Ilyas Hamid

“People call him Newton. Hadyou named him Newton yourself?” A journalist asked the question to a Kashmiri old man about his son.“No we did not named him Newton, we call him Is’haaq (Isaac) that was his real name. People outside home his teachers’classfellows and friends call him Newton due to his sharpness and intellect. Old man replied” By chance his name was similar to the Legend Newton i.e. Isaac and Is’haaq. He always remains toper in his class. He wanted to be a doctor after completion of education. His teacher’s parents and fellows all of themfeel proud to him. He was brilliant in his study .He covered the next class syllabus. Due to his bright mindedness and geniuses he was famous as Newton.

His dream was to become a doctor. But circumstances didn’t allow him to fulfil his dream. Whenever a brilliant student Newton observe his mother land. He saw there is an occupation ofcallous and cruel forces on his land. Their lives and liberties are in tight clutch and constriction of Indian Army. Even their breathings are on the control of occupiedforces. When so many restraints on their lives a sensory, delicate and vigilant person how can accept these tyrannical and oppressive restrictions?

In this scenario he was forced by the situation to get rid of cruelty of Indian forces. He joined freedom movement of Kashmir and became a freedom fighter. So due the atrocities of occupied Indian forces a “Newton” of Kashmir a brilliant and topper student of Kashmir valley couldn’t complete his study andconstrainedly became a fighter for gaining his by birth right freedom. Pen dropped from his hand and gun replaced the pen and books. So an intelligent student turned to militancy due to Indian troop’s atrocities and outrages. He continued his struggle for freedom against Indian occupation. And occasion came when he sacrificed his precious and expensive life in great cause. He got martyrdom. His death set out a role model for other educated Kashmiri youth.

This is another educated young boy who diverted from education, books and college to freedom struggle.Zakir Rasheed Bhatt son of Abdul Rasheed Bhatt. Abdul Rasheed is civil engineer. His older son is a doctor and runs a hospital in Noor Pura. Abdul Rashid told media that his another son killed by Indian army in 2010 during stone pelting movement. He was a boy like others youth Kashmiris who took part in protests. He was not a militant but Indian forces killed him without any reason and gilt. This was a shocking incident for Zakir. He want to get revenge of his innocent brother assassinated by Indian army. When a media person asked question to Zakir’s father who is educated and financially well-established person that you did not prohibit your son to joining jihad and militancy? He replied “no”. “What?” journalist shocked by an engineer’ answer. Mr. Rasheed said when Indian army doing genocide of our children and sons how we stop our youth to stand up for his right. Which is a fundamental right of every human being. If they Indians do not give our right so we have option to struggle for it.Indian newspaper Hindustan times described Zakir in these words: “Among the 66 is 21-year-old Zakir Rashid Bhat, a Chandigarh-based civil engineering student. Zakir came to his village home in Noorpura, Pulwama, for a brief vacation with his friends. The young student took them to the snow-clad picture towns of Gulmarg and Pahalgam and while his friends went back to Chandigarh, Zakir never returned.

His father, Engineer Rashid woke up to a note that said, “Don’t try and look for me. Jihad is the only way forward. It is the only way to deal with the atrocities faced by Kashmiris.”

Rashid, a senior engineer with a government job, had heaved a sigh of relief when his youngest son Zakir had got admission in an engineering college. The older son was a practicing doctor and his daughter an MSc in botany.

In this situation Indian High profile officials and army officers have expressed their concerns. As Greater Kashmir reported: “ Replying to reporters’ queries after unveiling statue of a slain soldier at Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (JAKLI) Regimental Centre at Rangreth here, the General Officer Commanding (GoC) of Srinagar-based 15 Corps, Lt General SubrataSaha, said there were reports that many educated youth were joining militancy. “If educated youth are joining militancy, it is more disturbing. It is certainly a cause of concern for us.”

Burhan Wani’s martyrdom set out a trend for educated young Kashmiri generation. Wani’s holy death gave them inspiration to struggle for their mother land. Kashmiri school tope and brilliant guys are preferring to join freedom fighters rather than adopt any profession in the life. This is a major and real worry for Indian officials.

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