Defense Day, Kashmir Struggle and Indian conspiracies

Written by Muhammad Rashid

Defense Day is observed on 6th of September, all over the country. India attacked the Pakistan in darkness of night in this month, 51 years ago. Our army and nation both faced the enemy bravely. Later Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri raised this issue in UN for cease fire. India did not refrain from conspiracies against Pakistan. In 1971, East Pakistan became Bangladesh in result of these conspiracies. In 2015, Current Indian PM Narendra Modi has publicly admitted to his country’s role in the breakup of Pakistan. Indian conspiracies are continued till now. Indian state actors are involved in destabilization of Pakistan. RAW’s agent Kalboshan Yadev was arrested in March while infiltrating into Pakistan from the Saravan border area of Baluchistan with Iran. He was the serving officer in Indian Navy when he was arrested. He was directed to carry out various activities in Baluchistan and Karachi and deteriorate law and order situation in Karachi. He was working under joint secretary of RAW Mr Ani Kumar Gupta and his contacts in Pakistan especially in Baluchistan Student Organization. Kalboshan is not the only incident, number of RAW’s agents have been captured earlier.

Meanwhile, Pakistani Army Chief General Raheel Sharif has warned Indian PM Modi and its spy agency RAW, they must know that Pakistan’s boundaries are completely safe. He said: “We are aware of our enemies, know their tactics and to spoil their designs we would go beyond even the last limit.” Last month, Modi openly confirmed the allegations about Indian involvement in Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltistan matters. He said: “People of Baluchistan, Gilgit and Azad Kashmir have thanked me a lot in past few days, I am grateful to them.” He did not speak about the situation of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) where curfew has been imposed since last 2 months. Actually, Modi raised Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltistan issue to divert global attention from Kashmir because Freedom movement in Kashmir is at peak.

Writing more, Kashmiris are giving their blood. They are chanting slogans in favour of Pakistan in streets of IOK. ‘We want freedom, go India go back and Indian dogs go back’ like slogans are being written on the walls of IOK. They have paid their duty. Now it’s our duty to stand with Kashmiris. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah termed Kashmir as jugular vein of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan should revise its policy on Quaid’s statement. Kashmir issue should be raised on various International Forums like OIC and UN Security Council. India is worried on Kashmir’s freedom movement. A delegation has been sent to Occupied Kashmir in leadership of Rajnath Singh. Kashmiri leaders have refused to meet with any delegation of New Delhi. They are not prepared anything less than independence. Indian forces are exceeding the limits of barbarism and ferocity. They are using chili shells on Kashmiris. Thousands of Kashmiris are injured whereas hundreds of Kashmiris have lost their eye-sight by palette guns. Chemical weapons are also being used against Kashmiri nation.

Concluding more, 6 September 1965 is an unforgettable day when our beloved country faced Indian aggression. It is memorable day when our army and nation together resisted Indian militarism bravely. Martyrs and conquerors (Ghazis) put down stories of bravery and chivalry. Indeed, their blood is ornament of our forehead. If we see the causes, stimulants and incidents of September war, then there is no doubt that our enemy did not accept us from day first. Our existence and power feel uneasy rankle in the breast in enemy’s eyes. It tried from first day to destroy Pakistan from world. Today, we have to revive the feelings of 1965 war to fail all these conspiracies.


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