Empowering Women’s Pen: Young women writers forum

By: Maemuna Sadaf

Writers are think tanks of any society. They pin down the flaws of society and give a thought to rectify them. They can create massive change in the society through creating a change in the mindset of masses. Readers of fiction can have lessons for the whole life time. On the other hand, writing fiction and poetry can teach a lot about society. Literature also contributes to moral psychological development of a person and capability to understanding.

According to Writer and Editor Kate Sidley “Fiction makes meanings and makes sense of the world in different kind of way.”

Iftikhar Arif, a re-known poet of Pakistan, said, “Literature is immortal. People die whereas their words live for years. Their effects on society are irrevocable

The social realism is mainly highlighted in many fiction works to encounter diversity allows readers to see themselves in a light of characters.

In any movement, authors and poets play a vital role in creating a wide spread opinion. Main example of the effects of poetry in any society can be observed in 20th century when Allama Iqbal’s poetry played a role in Pakistan Movement. His poetry is still a ray of light for the readers even after decades of his death. The second most famous effect of the poetry was Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry.  Writers were imprisoned or charged of being violating religious rules in different eras. To eradicate the thoughts of any movement, writers were stopped by force. This shows that writers have impact on society more than anyone else.

Everyone who starts writing needs proper Guidance. Young writers especially females in Pakistan face a lot of difficulties in recognition and publishing of their work. Young women writers’ forum (YWWF) was formed to empower young female writers, who are living in especial taboos and suppressed under society where men are not willing to give proper values to the women.

Pakistan women writers’ forum was inaugurated on International women day on 8th day of March 1994 under the leadership of Mrs Bushra Iqbal Malik. Initially, the name was Sarhad Women Writers forum which was later changed to Pak Women Writers forum. On 2014, Young Women writer’s forum was formed. Now, Islamabad, Peshawar Karachi, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, wing (chapter) is working in the country.

YWWF not only helps young female writers in refining and improvement in their writing which can be Afsana, poetry, column etc. through workshops regarding writing skills.

Along with the help in improving writing skills, the forum arranges motivational lectures and sittings to improve lives of young writers. YWWF helps the writers in publishing their work. It arranges functions of book launches, which is always open for public. No fee is charged to anyone who attends the function either it is a motivational lecture, book launch or any workshop. Last year, around 50 events including book launches, workshops and motivation lectures were arranged by this forum. Only Islamabad chapter arranged 26 events.

Writing more, the registration Fee for becoming a member of this forum is annual RS 2400. Special discounts are offered to the students. Membership fee for a student is Rs 1200 annual .Registration fee can be paid in two installments as well. Females under the age of 35 can be a member of YWWF. Membership is quite easy; one can communicate the forum on face book page or visit their website www.womenwritersforum.org.

Concluding more, Being interpreter of the culture, a writer has a duty to be good, true, lively and accurate. A writer must endow with inspiration, guidance and challenge.  Especially female writers hold more responsibility in society as mothers, daughters, and sisters. Young Women writer can play their role in betterment of women writers directly and to the society indirectly.

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