To begin with nation on the planet to enroll Sikh Marriages: Pakistan

By: Maemuna Sadaf

Sikhism was advanced in AD 1500 , Guru Nanak was originator of Sikh confidence. Master Nanak was conceived in 1469 BC in Nankana Sahib, Pakistan. Sikhs have faith in monotheism and underlines on the Unity of God. Gurdawaras (doors to the Guru) is a position of Sikh love. These Gudawaras had been developed for the most part in Punjab. These are built in the respect of Guru Nanak. Very nearly 20,000 Sikhs in Pakistan live in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provinces. Sikhs and Muslim live in agreement in both the regions.

Marriage in Sikhism is considered as the most astounding, the most productive way since it requires more effort to manage another sense of self else than oneself. Sikh relational unions are called “Anand Karaj”. The scholarly significance of Anand Karaj is “Merry Union” or Joyful Union”. This word Anand Karaj was presented by Guru Amar Das. It can likewise be characterized as “the legitimate association of a Sikh male and Sikh female” as per religious practices revered in the Guru Granth Sahib (Holy Book of Sikhs).

At first, Sikh Marriages were recorded just in “Gurdawara” (Prayer place of Sikhs). To manage and record Sikh relational unions in Union Council, Punjab Assembly Pakistan has endorsed “Sikhs Anand Karaj Marriages act 2017”. The said charge was introduced by Sardar Romesh Singh Arora in 2017 out of 32nd session of Punjab Assembly, consistently endorsed by affirmed by Chief Minister Punjab “Shahbaz Shareef”(PML-N).

This is first historically speaking private part’s bill which was received by the present assembly. Going of this bill has successfully revoked the Anand Marriage Act 1909, passed beforehand under British Rule. The endorsement of this bill made Pakistan, first nation on the planet to authorize and record “Sikh Marriages”.

Anand Karaj or the wedding function will be performed with the Sikh Religious practice. A “marriage deed’ an authoritative report approving the marital association, will be the issued by an enlistment center. As indicated by the bill, the marriage will happen as long as lady of the hour and prepare are of sound personality and not beneath the age of 18 years. The relational unions of minors won’t be lawfully perceived. They go into marriage contract with their free and full assent. Then again, in the event that a “Gathering” looks to break down the marriage, he/she should present a composed note to the director, leader of a Union Council, Union Administration or city advisory group.

Composing more, this law has left a mark on the world in Pakistan, as it is the first occasion when that family matters of a minority, for example, relational unions will be controlled independently. Indeed, even in India the origin of Sikhism, Sikhs have not been given a different personality as far as Family Law.

Pakistan Sikh Gurdawara Parbandhak Committee (PSGPC) president Sardar Tara Singh said “there was no Law of Sikh Community however their family matters will be managed through pertinent enactment.” The entire Sikh people group respected the entry of the bill and acclaimed the part of the Punjab Assembly. Sikh pioneers said it was a decent feeling that indicated love and regard for individual from minor group. The bill enabled Sikh to secure their family matters. In 2017, a comparative bill for Hindu Marriages was additionally passed. The Hindu Marriage charge was planned to encourage ladies, with the goal that they can get narrative verification of their relational unions. A Sikh marriage independent of the locale, can be enlisted in Pakistan.

Closing more, around 180 million (3%) of Pakistan’s populace comprises of Non-Mulsims. Following the laws for minorities recommended in Islam, Punjab Assembly has gladly made Pakistan the main nation to give legitimate status to minorities. Presently, Sikh Marriages will likewise be recoded in Union committee like Nikah Nama of Muslims. This demonstrates a milder picture of Pakistani society in which Muslim dominant part never ruined nobility of minorities. Minorities experience their lives as indicated by their own religion with flexibility in this nation.

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