Multi-Shades Nail Art Trends In Pakistan

You are never be fully dressed

Without a Nail art

By samia SAMAN


Nail art is one of the creative ways to paint and decorate your nails by using certain multi colors as well as with stones. This type of artwork is done on fingernails and toenails.

Nowadays in almost every country, the trend of designing nail is very much popular, even in Asian countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Malaysia are having special nail art Saloons where people specifically do nail art decoration work.

The exact origin of nail art is uncertain but it was started from ancient Egypt 5000B.C till 3000 B.C when female used to apply Henna on their nails first nail polish originated from China. It was prepared from beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dyes, and gum Arabic. Chinese immersed their nails in this mixture for numerous hours then left it on to dry.

Now every fashionable woman is following latest nail art trends. Manicure and pedicure are one and only the best way that seasoning up your look, it is a compliment in your clothing and make your attire fabulous and glamour.

We have a huge diversity of nail art such as Flower, Leopard nail art, French manicure, Shooting stars, and Polka dots.

Polka Dots: It is the most popular nail art and for this nail art you don’t need to go saloon, hence this nail painting you can do at your home, simply by using different nail paints.


Leopard Design: The fever of leopard printing art is evergreen and it remains in fashion. Women specifically used this nail drawing in particular events such as wedding, parties, birthday celebrations.


Flower pattern:  This one is the utmost beautiful nail art, if you want this nail art then for that you need to visit the beauty parlor thus it requires professional’s expertise.


Shooting Stars:  It is the most eye-catching nail art, as in this form of nail painting you can have used black or other color nail paint then apply small stars with silver glittery pigment over it. Shooting stars nail art you can carry informal functions and parties

French Manicure nail art:  It is the most convenient nail art This nail art you can carry it in your daily routine, if you are an office going, the college-going lady so yes Fren French nail art is perfect for you.   

The trend of nail art is increased day by day and it is expected that this nail painted culture will grow more hence –new nail multi-coloring variety will be introduced.


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