Kashmir, a Heaven on earth.

By: Shama Noreen
Kashmir is a heaven not only due to its beauty and geographical importance, but also beautiful Inhabitants. The struggle of Kashmiris to protect this land from all those Indian Polytheists is praiseworthy. Heaven can’t be a living place of any Polytheistic person. 27 October is a Black day in the history of Kashmir because India illegally occupied this Land. Hearts of Pakistanis are beating for Kashmiris. Muslim Genocide is not acceptable in Kashmir. How can we forget that cruelty and barbarity in Kashmir? How can we hesitate to talk about the rape of Kashmiri women by Indian militants? The sovereignty of Kashmir is vital for the peace of the entire region.
Recently, in Kulgam Valley, the increasing bloodshed of Kashmiris is deplorable. On 21 October, 5 civilians martyred and 43 injured in their resistance against Indian occupation. Recently in just 2 days, 8 innocent souls of Kashmir lost their lives in Blast by Indian Army. A 10-year old boy, Mansoor Ahmed was martyred only due to being a Kashmiri. Kashmiris are declared Terrorists by Indian Armed forces. But they are fighting for their sovereignty and freedom rights. Dr. Sabzar Ahmed Sofi was a Kashmiri. He belonged to occupied Kashmir. His crime was just that he was a citizen of Kashmir. He was a Ph.D. scholar. He did MSc from Burkhatulla University and MPhil from Jivagee University. He was perusing Ph.D. in Botany from Jamia University. He had also qualified NET and JRF exams. There was no justification to extinguish such a bright star? Human rights are fundamental and initial points for a peaceful and prosperous life. Nobody is save from Indian tyranny..
There is not a single incident of maltreatment in Kashmir. Shopian, Kulgam and even every region of Kashmir is suffering from the same situation. Palette guns are used by Indian Armed forces to disintegrate the masses of Kashmir. There are hues and cries in Kashmir. In this situation, Wani is an inspiration for Kashmiris. Each Kashmiri is now a follower of Wani. Barbarity and oppression of India have to end at last.
Concluding more, Kashmiris are striving for their fundamental rights. India is trying to suppress Kashmiris’ voice by using of power. Freedom is the basic right of any nation. Government of Pakistan should play its due role for Kashmiris and raise voice in favor of Kashmiris.


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