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Easy treatment of corona virus

Dr. Mohammed Najeeb Qasmi Sambhali ( The entire world is currently in panic due to the Corona virus. Despite possessing all the amenities of life, fear of the disease has ruined the lives of even great scientists, rulers and rich people. The main streets of countries like the United States, China, Italy and France (which a few days ago were ... Read More »

Cardiac Diseases and Their Prevention

By Dr. Nasir Hamdani MBBS, MCPS, PhD Scholar (Public Health)Department of Community Medicine, King Edward Medical University, Lahore Chief Coordinator Muslim Medical Mission, Pakistan Cardiac diseases have become an epidemic in Pakistan. At least 12 Pakistanis die every hour due to cardiac arrest while more than one third of all deaths in Pakistan are caused by cardiac diseases, making it ... Read More »

Multi-Shades Nail Art Trends In Pakistan

You are never be fully dressed Without a Nail art By samia SAMAN   Nail art is one of the creative ways to paint and decorate your nails by using certain multi colors as well as with stones. This type of artwork is done on fingernails and toenails. Nowadays in almost every country, the trend of designing nail is very ... Read More »

“Some see a weed some see a wish…” — Unknown Author

By: Maemuna Sadaf Focus on the Wish, Not the Weed by Becky Vollmer I don’t put a ton of energy choosing not to move on — generally on the grounds that, regardless and particularly as I age, I overlook things the moment they’ve passed. Be that as it may, a few minutes stay with me, particularly the ones I’m not ... Read More »

Hug ….It is awsum

By: Maemuna Sadaf Embraces make you feel useful for a reason and it’s not only the adoring grasp that gives us that warm feeling in our souls. It’s a great deal more. It influences the whole body to such a degree, to the point that numerous researchers guarantee it is equal to the impact of a wide range of medications ... Read More »

Astonishing advantages of hibiscus for Health

By: Maemuna Sadaf Hibiscus is not something at which we look as a plant with extraordinary medical advantages however we are entirely mindful about the excellence advantages of the hibiscus blooms and the takes off. Shockingly, hibiscus can likewise be profoundly valuable for well being and there are demonstrated constructive outcomes of hibiscus in keeping up a solid body. On the ... Read More »

Be Successful: You have power within

Distinguish your interests. Before you can make progress, you should characterize what achievement intends to you. While it might take years to acknowledge what you need to do with your life, distinguishing your present interests, interests, and values will help you set objectives and give your life a feeling of significance. Consider which subjects you appreciated contemplating in school, and ... Read More »