Short Stories

The Hidden Favour

ZEENAT IQBAL HAKIMJEE Khatija was a robust, healthy, 19 year old girl. She had just finished her studies and had found a good job. Because of her good health she managed to work long hours, both in the office and at home. The envy of her peers who could not even do half the amount of work, she did. The ... Read More »


 ZEENAT IQBAL HAKIMJEE They were madly in love. Happiness glowed on their cheeks when they faced the colourful world. Mark and Susan were the children of prosperous parents. Life had been kind to them but God’s blessings were only bestowed on a few as would be proved later on. Kind as in material possessions. Mark’s house was full of guests. ... Read More »


ZEENAT IQBAL HAKIMJEE  Mark was born in London during the post war period, in the east end of London, which has been largely rebuilt since World War II when it suffered much damage from bombing. London at that time was crippled because of the depression which was an after math of the war. The birth of Mark brought relief to ... Read More »

Why Should I Be Hungry

ZEENAT IQBAL HAKIMJEE Salman come and have your lunch” shouted his mom from the door of their hut in the Katchi abadi. He was playing marbles with his friends of adversary. His mother was thin, a widow who lived in a slum of Karachi. Her husband died when Salman was 6 years of age. He was 10 now in the ... Read More »

The Honest Taxi Driver

ZEENAT IQBAL HAKIMJEE   What all is involved in a taxi drivers life; physical labour and not much exercise for the grey matter. One such driver was Anwar. He got his driving license from the back door. He did not learn how to drive a car, neither was he aware of the traffic rules and regulations. He was however, a ... Read More »


ZEENAT IQBAL HAKIMJEE Very little has been written about the ancient coastal people of Lyari – the irrepressible Makranis – who take their name from the Makran coast of Sindh and, Balochistan, which also indicates a common history of the two provinces; the Makran coast constitutes the South-East of Iran and the South-West of Pakistan; a 1,000 km stretch along ... Read More »

The Hands Deserve The Books

ZEENAT IQBAL HAKIMJEE Child Labour is a crime against humanity. At this juncture I am reminded of a very moving story about one of the world’s greatest humanitarians Abraham Lincoln. The time, at which this episode took place, Lincoln was a candidate for a congress seat. And on that day, he had an important election speech to deliver. But he ... Read More »

And then she died………

Written By :Maemuna Sadaf Translated by: Nasurallah Khan Topsy-turvy weighed heavily upon her head and heart. Her mind had been quite emptied. It appeared as if her heart beat would cease. She felt for a few moments as if every thing of the world, every face, all things were vanished and she had been left alone in the entire world. ... Read More »

Rays of light

Written by: Maemuna Sadaf Translated by: Nasurrallah Khan It was a scene in one of the famous cities of England. It was a city where vivacity of life was in full swing. As usual, hustle and bustle was every where. People were going to their respective destinations after work. A routine life was in progress. There lived different people, professing ... Read More »